Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada Adventure (Toronto)

I love to explore and tour around for entertainment, plus, I always get to learn something new 🙂 Since school was already over, I have a bit of leisure time when I don’t have work or exams. My friend and I … Continue reading

Tình yêu và sự cao thượng

Con người là tạo vật của Chúa. Bản chất con người dù lương thiện, tài trí đến mấy cũng là bất toàn. Dù vậy, tình yêu trong lòng mỗi sinh linh quý báu vô cùng.

Tôi may mắn vì sinh ra là người giàu cảm xúc. Tôi vô cùng nhạy cảm với con người và những triết lý con người đặt ra. Bố thường nói tôi là người lý thuyết, không thực tế. Đúng vậy, đã nhiều lần tôi để tình cảm của mình lấn áp lý trí. Nhưng dù vậy, tôi vẫn tự hào về bản tính nhạy cảm và sướt mướt của mình.

20 năm trong cuộc đời chẳng là bao, nhưng có lẽ cũng không ngắn để tôi suy ngẫm về tình yêu. Tôi may mắn vì đã được bao người đeo đuổi từ ngày vừa mới lớn. Trung thực, uy tín, tốt bụng hay đểu giả, cố chấp, ủy mị,…các thể loại đàn ông, tôi đã gặp không ít. Nhưng có một kiểu đàn ông đã làm tôi thật sự xúc động đến trào nước mắt khi nghĩ đến….

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My cousin’s new co-op job!

My cousin who is in Software Engineering just got 2 co-op job offers after many interviews 🙂 I’m so happy for him! To be honest, I have been struggling for a while now because he is my best friend and my biggest support, we have been living together ever since highschool until university, I can’t imagine being on my own without him. He means a lot to me! But thank God, the job is in downtown Toronto so he will go back to Mississauga and live with his parents (save rent money, food, etc.) and commute to work everyday. As for me, I can always go back home to visit him and see my family during weekends 🙂 Thank you God for this amazing arrangement. I really was breaking down yesterday when I knew he would be leaving me soon but God showed me a miracle today 😀

At the end of the day, family matters more than anything. Even though I don’t have my parents here in Canada, I’m thankful for my aunt’s family, especially my cousin, Khang. He is my best friend, my brother, my biggest supporter. I’m thankful for him every waking moment ^_^

I hope you guys have a great day, until next time.


A glimpse into my year :)

Hello everyone! Thank you for consistently reading my blogs even though I have left it inactive for months *guilty* 😛

But I’m back and I promise I will continue making blog posts ~ ^ _ ^ ~
And Happy Chinese/Viet/Lunar New Years to you all! xoxo

This past year has been awesome to me, here are the major events/highlights of my 2014 *woo-hoo*

– I started a business project and met a tons of new people from the team
– I received Professional Cosmetics Certificate by Motives Cosmetics! (don’t worry, I didn’t drop out of uni, I just took time after school to go to trainings and practised with my clients)
– I started cosplaying! I even learnt how to make my own cosplays 🙂 you can check out my cosplay projects on my other blog posts.
– I (finally) had the guts to start a Youtube channel (initially to promote my business but I did have a lot of fun making cooking videos :D)
– I got back to blogging thanks to my dear sister, Karen (the famous stenoodie).
– I went to the States for the first time ever!
– I got a part time job as an applied behavioural analysis therapist in the summer! *huge milestone for me since I was chosen out of 50 other candidates*
– I dated one of my close friends, although this relationship was extremely rocky

I’m grateful for everything that has happened last year because I could never have grown and learnt without them. And here are my current life update for the new year ^ v ^

– I have left the business project due to many reasons and I finally got a chance to see who my real/fake friends truly are 🙂
– I stopped YouTube and blogging for a very long time because I was running back and forth between Hamilton, Mississauga, downtown Toronto and uptown Toronto. But it’s okay, I promise I will get back to those projects soon 😛
– I also quit my therapist job due to many reasons (distance, time limits, harsh criticism,…all piled up), and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 I have worked for half a year, learnt and experienced a lot, but enough was enough.
– My boyfriend and I also broke up. However, it was a very peaceful breakup because we knew it was the best decision we could make.

^ My life must have sounded miserable to you right now because everything ended 😛 . But I always believe things end for the better. And little did I know, God has way better plans in store for me! Here are the biggest blessings I’ve received so far:

– After all the events, I finally see who really cares for me and always supports me no matter what. I close my circle and only keep in touch with my true friends. For so long, I had spent excessive time with fake friends who took advantages of me and couldn’t care less for my well-being. I’m happy it’s over now 🙂
– I got a part time job at a very good sushi restaurant, but I got bullied like any other new workers. However, I befriended a manager at another sushi restaurant, and he offered me the job right after I quit at the old place. And I can’t tell you how happy I am at my workplace right now. Everyone is like a big family, and we respect each other, help each other and care for each other genuinely.

To conclude my year, I have learnt that when bad things happen, it’s actually a sign that better things are coming. So never lose your high posture or your positivity! Keep smiling, keep hoping, keep being happy 🙂 I love my life and I hope you love yours too xoxo

Until next time my friends,


A reflection: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Hi everyone, I believe you are all doing well 😀 if not, I hope you continue reading because you might find this post relevant to your problems 🙂

I just want to share some of the few things that keep me pondering. If you read my previous post, you know I was obsessed with the series “Beyond the Realm of Conscience“. In my opinion, it was so well done, the story is well-written, the acting is natural and you can learn many moralities from it. However, I came across a blogger’s review on this series and she has a completely opposite opinions! She said it was TVB’s disaster and she criticized the storyline as well as the unsuitable choice of actors. I didn’t find her review offensive or negative at all. But I suddenly realized that what aspires me could be non-valuable to another person. Maybe the blogger’s life experiences make it difficult for her to relate to the series. Hence, she focused more on the costumes, the actors,…Likewise, if I were to watch a show that’s completely out of my life experiences, I might or might not enjoy it as much. The reason why I love Beyond the Realm of Conscience is because it talks about a woman’s struggles to keep her mother’s words “Speak good words, do good deeds, show good will”. Even though she was put in the worst environment (the palace where people have to compete and trick each other to survive), she manages to rise above them all and use her kindness to influence the people who had never known kindness. By no means am I comparing myself with her, but I learnt a lot from her! The actress, Charmaine Sheh, did a great job portraying a lady who has an angelic personalities; it shows in her smile, her words and her actions. You see, we learn from everyone and everything. 🙂

The other day I was catching up with my best friend, Erik. We have been friends for 4 years now and he is definitely an incredible person. Erik is a very kind-hearted and intelligent man, however, he has a very strong character that he comes off as assertive sometimes. So I took Erik to see some of my new friends. And as soon as he talked to them, he disagreed with everything they said and insisted on keeping his opinions. I know Erik didn’t leave behind a friendly impression to people, but his place in my heart never changes. During those 4 years, he and I had been through ups and downs (mostly me) :P. Erik was the only one who understood my tears (literally). When I cried, he just knew exactly what made me upset. And he gently comforted me. It had always been like that and it will be like that. I’m a weak person with too much emotion, I often let my emotions get the better of me. Therefore, I need someone who’s very strong and decisive to stand by me and help me figure things out. Erik is a brother I never had, a best friend I dare not dream of, and a protector that I was blessed with. Now don’t misunderstand, Erik has a girlfriend and she’s really nice 😀 But our friendship is very precious too 🙂 Erik shows me that pure friendship does exist, especially between men and women. I know sometimes, Erik is perceived as undesirable and stubborn, but to me, he is always precious!

I’m sure you have encountered similar experiences like this in your life where the things you treasure appear so worthless to someone else. DON’T be upset for too long, DON’T be offended, DON’T be angry and DON’T try to change their views. But DO try to understand that they just see things differently than you, DO know that they just dislike the idea/person/belief, not YOU! DO stay calm and smile, negative arguments never go anywhere, and DO respect their views as much as you respect your own.



“Speak good words. Do good deeds. Have good will”

Long time no post 🙂 I finished second year in uni and is now on my summer vacation. I have been spending a lot of time watching dramas and catching up with my friends. My summer has been great! One of the best dramas I’ve watched so far is a Hong Kong drama called Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宫心计). The protagonist is a beautiful person inside out, and she always follows her mother’s words: SPEAK GOOD WORDS, DO GOOD DEEDS, HAVE GOOD WILL. These three goodness are what keep her going and never give up. I love this character so much and I want to be like her 😛

It’s better to be kind than to be right.

Anyways, thanks for reading my random post. I hope you have a nice day, enjoy your life and whatever you’re doing right now, I’m sure you will find the beauty and goodness in everything you do 🙂

Sophisticated Makeup for Work and Job Interview (Viet Subs added!!!)

A simple yet sophisticated look never fails to leave behind a lasting impression. Whether you are at work or going to an interview, I will show you how to look classy but not overdone. And I also decided to make Viet subs for my videos from now on so that Viet ladies can watch and learn from them too! (If only I know Chinese more…sigh)


Cách trang điểm đơn giản mà thanh lịch luôn luôn để lại dấu ấn khó phai. Trong video này, mình sẽ chỉ bạn cách trang điểm đẹp và hợp với công sở hoặc phỏng vấn xin việc.

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My Brother’s Journey!!!!

The designers and the judges

The designers and the judges

I cannot be happier to announce that my elder brother, Bobby, has made it to the top 12 finalists of Project Runway Vietnam!!!! This reality show is originally from America to find the best fashion designers around the nation.

My brother has been blessed by GOD’s Grace and our family is thrilled to watch his journey 🙂

No matter what the result is, I am always content and I know that this is indeed nothing else than GOD’s love for us!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24

the male contestants. My brother is the one sitting with a bow tie.

the male contestants. My brother is the one sitting with a bow tie.

Read more about this reality show:

Colourful & Fresh Spring Makeup Look



Spring time is bright and beautiful thanks to the vibrant colours of nature! I love to capture spring time colours on my face by creating a fun and fresh make-up look 🙂 In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to look festive for the season. Continue reading

Easy Purple Smokey Eyes Makeup

pic 2

Purple is my all time favourite colour. It represents romance, elegance and femininity. It is not difficult to achieve a smokey eyes makeup look with a hint of purple 🙂 There are many versions of purple smokey eyes makeup. In this tutorial, I’m bringing to you my own version and it is fairly easy. I hope you enjoy!

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